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Dec 28

WordPress Themes – WordPress Templates

Word Press is the most widely used and exclusive web sites solutions, used by many hundreds and thousands of individuals and business organizations around the world.

With an increasing number of Word Press users, WordPress Themes are coming as an issue of concentration in order to enhance the look, and usability of any word press site.

Wordpress Themes

WordPress Themes

Thousands and thousands of WordPress Themes are now available in many paid and free  Themes marketplaces over Internet. These large number of Themes are sometimes make people get confused, to choose the right one for there purposes.

Why WordPress?

As the easiest to use and maintain mechanisms, WordPress comes with its optimum interactive blogging approaches. From a wide array of collections, WordPress Themes are considering as the best means to make any word press sites, look better. Good WP Themes are always comes with the right most functionalities, and use abilities, which is relevant with the purpose of the site.

A Brief Analysis

Best WordPress Themes must have the following criterion’s with their types:

1. – Look, Design, Feel, and Usability:

The first most important things anyone should consider about WordPress Themes are its design and layout, which determine the look and approach of any word press sites. While doing so, users must pay their attention on some significant issues, like:

  • i. Determine if the purpose of that particular word press site is personal or business.
  • ii. Whether the chosen WordPress Themes are appropriate for personal uses purpose or business uses purposes?
  • iii. Portfolio or informative word press sites have some particular WordPress Themes.
  • iv. Consider the features, anyone needed to run through a word press site, and whether these features are available with selected WP Themes.
  • v. Sort out if there is any need to run some particular applications on any word press site. If so, it is always recommended to check whether the selected WordPress Themes have the flexibility to run such applications, smoothly on the word press sites.
  • vi. Color combination comes as another important issue, which should be considered before selecting any Themes. Uses of colors and designs must have some relevancy with the word press site, someone going to deploy.

2. Inside Mechanism  – CODING:

As an internal mechanism, coding part comes as the most significant issue for any  Themes, which is going to be used for some wordpress blog sites. It really does not require anyone to be a Word Press developer, or serious coder. But, a minimum understanding about coding and its functionality is required to get a rightly functioning WordPress Blog Themes with some particular purposes.

There are twelve issues to evaluate the functionality and appropriateness of any  Themes. These issues are:

  • i. W3c Compliant – XHTML.
  • ii. W3c Compliant – CSS.
  • iii. Browser compatibility –IE.
  • iv. Browser compatibility – Firefox.
  • v. Browser compatibility – Chrome.
  • vi. Support from Designer.
  • vii. Post Area – proper Image Alignment.
  • viii. Post Area – Floating Constant.
  • ix. Post Area – Auto Adjustment.
  • x. Post Area – Nested / Threaded Comments.
  • xi. Sidebar – Auto Adjustment.
  • xii. Sidebar – Link Hierarchy.

Beside of these twelve evaluation criteria, there are four other criteria, to determine the SEO compatibility of any WordPress Themes. These criteria are:

  • i. Home Page Heading – SEO.
  • ii. Post and Page Heading – SEO.
  • iii. Post and Page Title Tag.
  • iv. Content Code position.

These evaluation criteria are coming with some point base pass or fail result, which let anyone to easily understand the compatibility and usability of any WordPress Themes.

SEO optimization is one key issue to ensure any vibrant Internet presence. The more SEO compatible WordPress Themes are coming with much better visibility on the web, and attract more traffic on the page.

3. Professionalism of WordPress Themes:

This is one most important part which must be ensured by the users, while selecting WordPress Themes, for the uses purpose.

Before select any WordPress Themes, it is always advised to get an in depth idea about each functionalities of that particular theme. If someone is running out of time, then reviews of different  Themes can help them to get an overall idea about that particular theme.

As a blog type web approach, wordpress web sites needs to have some interactive support mechanisms for their targeted audience. Normally three different types of supports can come with WordPress Themes, and these are:

  • i. Posting Comment.
  • ii. Communicating through E-mail, and
  • iii. Social platforms (twitter, facebook, …) integration.

The best option is to choose any Theme, which has all three support mechanisms with the templates. If someone is willing to develop a completely different and unique word press theme, from scratch; it is advised to notify the developers so that they can integrate all these support mechanism with that particular theme.
In order to have and get a professional WordPress Theme, from the collection of thousand different themes, it is recommended to read as many reviews as someone can go through. These reviews about WordPress Themes, can give a complete idea about the appropriateness of Themes.

WordPress Themes


Some Technical Aspects about WordPress Themes:

If anyone needs to implement any database driven application, PHP and MySQL are two most enhanced database management tools, which makes wordpress as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) over Internet.

Most of the WordPress Themes are now coming with these two database management system as an integral part of the theme. General File Transfer Protocols (FTP) are been used to get any data uploaded or downloaded from wordpress sites.

An easy to use and maintain dashboard (Control panel), gives the webmasters to customize the Themes, as the way they want. Based on different requirements, newer and newer plugins, and widgets are coming with many different types of WordPress Themes.

Capability of multi blogging and multi user is another key feature, which comes as a requirement for many WordPress Themes, in the market.

Smartphone’s are now acquiring a large portion of Internet market, and considering these, mobile version of WordPress Themes are now being considered as another significant issue.

4. Top WordPress Themes :

There are thousands of themes available on the internet. So, what Theme should I use?

If you’re looking for some premium themes, I recommend the following:

  1. Elegant Themes – WordPress Themes
  2. Theme Junkie – WordPress Themes
  3. WooThemes – WordPress Themes

…or your can view our Gallery with the top WordPress Themes here >>>

by: Karlos Merk


okcomter says:

Great article. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Noor says:

Agreed a 100%. Great atricle, very enlighting and useful, and not only for the average WP user. Believe it or not, I create freelancer sites with WordPress and had no idea about base64 encoding.

Furthermore, I’d like to suggest this atricle could be the opener to another discussion framed by the question: What to expect when stuff is being labeled free ?

I sure don’t mean to philosophize all over you, but isn’t it worth a second thought that most likely the more or less uninformed folks hunting for a free theme will fall prey to base64 tricks, while those who invest in learning a bit about WordPress and themes in the first place (which could be seen as nothing else but paying a price in real life-time hours of learning) more likely will avoid the headaches of a base64-hijacked site and ultimately have a greater experience with the product.

So, does the belief in getting something for free ?that is: without giving anything in return? work in the end? Doesn’t seem so, does it?Even if it’s life-time hours instead of dollars: the willingness to pay *some* kind of a price obviously makes a dot in the deviding line between the happy and the unhappy? eh ?WordPress users. 😉