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Reviews WordPress Themes



Here is our selection of the Best Reviews WordPress Themes. Choose from here the Top REVIEWS WordPress Themes to 2012.

Transform your WordPress blog into a fully-functional ratings website. Ideal for enthusiasts to review products, movies, books, etc and provide ratings to them.  Make a Review, rate a product and gather ratings from your visitors and show them on your site.


Reviews WordPress ThemesSwagMag – Reviews WordPress Themes



Reviews WordPress Themes - Swagmag

Swagger is the first-of-it’s-kind magazine style premium WordPress theme that allows you to create unlimited custom review “mini-sites” within your main website (works for non-review sites just as well as review sites!). That means you can load up your site with tons of content and then present it to your users in an organized way using just one or multiple mini-sites.

Swagger’s front page will grab content from your mini-sites and display it all together in an awesome, content-rich page to give your users the best user experience possible. Swagger is guaranteed to increase both the average length of time that your users spend on your site and the average number of pages that they view.

  • Unlimited customized review mini-sites with 4 ways to rate (numbers, percentages, letters, stars), perfect for topics like:
  • Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets, and Audio/Video products
  • Movies, Music, and Video Games
  • Restaurants, Beer, and Wine
  • Fashion Trends and Clothing
  • Travel Destinations and Vacation Getaways
  • Automobiles
  • Books, Magazines, Web Sites, and Comics
  • Casinos, Pinball Machines, Ice Cream, Puppies, Reviews  WordPress Themes…Anything you want.

Preview Swagger Theme



Reviews WordPress ThemesInReview – Reviews WordPress Themes



Preview InReview - Reviews WordPress Themes

InReview is an advanced Review Theme that allows you to transform your WordPress blog into a fully-functional ratings website. This Review wordpress theme makes rating products easy with our custom options and integrated user-review system. The theme also includes affiliate integrated and custom widgets to help you increase conversions.

Preview InReview Theme



Reviews WordPress ThemesReview – Reviews WordPress Themes



Preview Review - Reviews WordPress Themes

Create a full-fledged Review site, provide your own ratings and get ratings from your visitors as well. Reviews is a visually stunning WordPress theme; ideal for enthusiasts to review movies, books, etc and provide ratings to them.

You can rate a product and gather ratings from your visitors and show them on your site. Ratings for custom fields can also be shown easily

Preview Review Theme



Top 4 Reviews wordpress themesWP Rapid
Reviews WordPress Themes



Preview WP Rapid - Reviews WordPress Themes


Don’t overvalue the simplicity of this design, Rapid Review Theme looks extremely professional and appealing to your visitors which can convert them into buyers. Get professional results in no time. It is simple to use and easy to setup.

It can be use for any niche you want, you can use it with Amazon, Clickbank, any products you wish.

WP Rapid comes with an amazing offer:

  • Private Label Rights to one of the best selling Reviews WordPress Themes Package…

There is real money to be made here for people who can recognise an opportunity and take action. The PLR license allows you a lot of flexibility to easily make a profit or use this as a basis for a new WP Theme of your own.

Advanced set up rating and review system for posts, pages and comments in your blog. Advanced settings panels that will allow you to control many aspects of rating. Multi ratings along with thumbs based ratings. And you are getting way more than just the WP Theme, it’s the whole turn-key sales package….

Here´s is what you are getting:

  • Easily import XML files (with products data) to WP Rapid Theme
  • Comes with PSD files
  • Video Tutorial Guide + PDF Manual
  • HTML Version of the sales page
  • Updates for Life

Preview WP Rapid



by: Karlos Merk


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