Premium WordPress Themes vs Free Worpress Themes

Feb 18

 Wordpress Themes

WordPress Themes – Free & Premium – Vantages/disadvantages


WordPress is a free and one of the more professional and customizable blog-publishing application. It allows you to easily create a blog or a website for free.

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet these days.

WordPress is now also used to create web pages and for this reason, you want your blog / site to be different from other blogs. Thus, in the selection of WordPress you can examine the advantages/disadvantages.

Why do we need to use WordPress for Business?  WordPress is the easiest way to organize content on your website and your traffic in different ways.

Many entrepreneurs enjoy using WordPress because it is very flexible for any type of business and are in a position of the subject, the right choice for their business project.

There are so many free WordPress Themes on the internet, but let me tell you why premium WordPress Themes would be your priority as an entrepreneur.

Premium wordpress themes – Advantages

Your e-commerce site is essentially an online store. If you had a real business, chances are, you spend thousands of dollars of work in and the general appearance of a retail business. This is because it is recognized that the environment in someone buys something goes a long way to influence the purchasing decision.

So why an online store should would be different? If your site is confusing, does not provide a consistent look and sticky, then your customers will be discouraged and go elsewhere with their business partners. If you can run on such a site, or even participated in one, then an ecommerce themes a long way to help you get to move the target monthly or annual sales.

Premium WordPress themes gives you the opportunity to brand your site and create a beautiful environment for your readers. With an attractive subject will also result in repeat visitors to your website, which means more traffic and in many cases, more leads and more money for your business.

Free Worpress Themes – disadvantages

There are so many free themes that you can find anywhere online, but a free wordpress theme is not good enough for a business website. Many free wordpress themes websites having a link to non-removable bottom of the page is not relevant for some bids.

You would not want that kind of links on your site, if there is anything on the site for which he has to make the connection.

Using a free template would mean that you are putting your credibility at risk as an entrepreneur. Any business owner should consider purchasing a business wordpress themes for their website to create a successful online business.

Theme Fuse

Premium WordPress themes – other benefits

There are several other benefits that the brand you buy a premium model gives you the opportunity to make your site unique. This is very important when creating a first impression to your potential customers. If you take your prospects attention fail the first time, it would be difficult to do later.

The ultimate goal for all businesses is to make money and gain profit from, or why our company in the first place is it not? Sloppy themes would bring a huge disadvantage to your business and the visitors would think that you are an amateur.

Premium business wordpress themes gives you the advantage of creating an environment attractive to peak your readers and eventually convert them into buying customers. Some companies hire developers and pay thousands of dollars to build a high converting site for them. Imagine if you could also use a corporate website highly optimized with premium theme to create in minutes.

If you’re looking for some premium themes, I recommend the following:

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  2. Theme Junkie
  3. WooThemes

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by: Karlos Merk


Mark W. says:

Here is a great theme tip that I use to get more traffic to my blogs from Google!

I have tried many different blog themes and Layouts for the themes (one column, two columns, widgets on the right only etc) and I have learned something that google really loves!

I Used to have my blogs so the current post ONLY was on the first page and then links to the last 10 posts were in a side column and categories in the menu along the top.

Turns out I get a lot more traffic and more keywords ranked for the website if I have excerpts for my last 10 or 20 posts on the first page (most themes let you configure this). I have the first 50 or more words from each article then it says click here for more.

I did some research on this and many people are saying that if you have 1000 – 2000 words on your first page and especially if all the posts are related to your websites main theme, then google gives it more value and you get more traffic from google over time.

Thought I would share the tip.


saha says:

I think free WordPress theme is best for newbies. Switch to premium themes when get familial with theme.

Sona says:

This is good discuss.. Many will go for free themes, but they can’t even mind the disadvantages you mention here, If we have enough money, we should go for the premium themes…

Chousym says:

Wow! So much itoromanifn, it is overwhelming. And yet, so important to the newbie WordPress user.I learned the perils of free themes when I first starting working with WordPress. It took me forever to get rid of the corrupt code, but it was a valuable lesson. Just like in life, most good things don’t come free. WordPress themes are no different. If you can’t afford to pay for a premium WordPress theme, plan on cleaning up your free theme.In addition to your above list, I’d recommend ThemeForest. While not all theme designers provide solid themes and good support, Theme Forest has some rock stars and it is my first stop when seeking themes. Themes only cost about $30 and to me the quality and excellent support is priceless.