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Do you already thought about using WordPress as your Intranet?

We all know that WordPress is a open source. So, no fees to pay.

We all know that WordPress is easy to use.

We all know that if you use WordPress as your Intranet, your intranet will looks Great.

So, why not using WordPress as an Intranet?

When we talk about WordPress we usually associate it with either being a blogging platform or just another content management system, but what about as an Intranet? This tutorial will show you how you can turn your basic installation of WordPress into a robust Intranet for your business.

WordPress as an Intranet

Unless you double as IT support for your office (sometimes the unspoken role of a web developer), you probably already have some sort of an Intranet server, if not – there are ways you can access a local directory via file sharing, but for my example I’m just going to assume a couple of things first:

  • You have Apache, PHP and MySQL already installed and running on your network

  • OR you have a directory on your “cloud” server with WordPress ready to go

Step 1 Decide Where to House Your Intranet…

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