Newbie Makes $14000 In 2 Weeks With A Simple WordPress Site and Without Own Product.

TOP SECRET Revealed.

Read the Newbie Own Words:

Dear Members, I spent more than 5 days in deciding whether I should disclose this super money making method or not and finally I decided I’ll do it! Not because, I want to make money, but because I want to give to community something back as a return of teaching me new stuff every day.

Although, I am not a newbie in internet marketing, but I never did anything like it ever before so I was a ‘newbie’ for this method. My catching power is also very poor and I take a lot of time in learning things… so I assume that if I can make money with this method then even a KID can do it!

“I Never Knew That

It Would Be That Much Easy !”


I never knew that making money would be that much easy after applying this method. I think, people don’t do experiments when they think about making money. They just follow the CRAP they read over the internet without even knowing whether it works or not!

I always do newer things and get great results (touch wood). I always apply new twists to the existing methods and they always work for me!!


“Stop Wasting Time In BackLinking

& Ranking Sites for NOTHING!”



You know, to make $14000 in 2 weeks, I never wasted even a single minute of my life in SEO and ranking my website for Google. The internet marketing business has been so harsh these days, that most of the people don’t make any money even when their websites are ranking well. Because they’re in the WRONG DIRECTION!

This method has nothing to do with SEOing your website and creating backlinks for SE rankings. Just imagine, how much time can be saved when you don’t have to put any efforts in SEO and backlinks. You can utilize this method making even more money, finding new niches and making your list!

“Would You Like Spending Only 30 Minutes A Day

and Make $14000 In just 2 Weeks?”



Yes, I never spent more than 30 minutes a day for this method which made me $14000 in Just 2 weeks. Isn’t it awesome!!

To your amazement, this method is working for me day & night and I am making money ‘every day’ but I am not going to stop here only! Now, I am planning to hire few people for this method to put more efforts and time to upscale this method!!

Yes, you can easily upscale this method.

“I Did It With A Simple WordPress Site

& Without My Own Product”


Yes, I did it with a really simple WordPress site and without creating my own products. Most of the people spent thousands of hours in creating their own products which don’t do well (most of the times).

I didn’t design any website, sales page and not even I created my own product. I did it with a simple WordPress site. You can imagine yourself, how much time a WordPress site can take to setup

“OK Steve! I Am Excited!

But What This is all About?”



Now you must be thinking how did I make money if I didn’t have any product? Ok dear, I sold PLR products on LinkedIn.com . ANYONE, Yes, ANYONE can make around $300-$500 every day by selling PLR products on LinkedIn after they learn this method and you can easily upscale this method.

LinkedIn.com is such a huge website which is full of professionals. They’re ready to pay to learn the stuff which can help to improve their businesses or the job skills. Only a few internet marketers have exploited this website, but trust me there is real GOLD in this website. My brain is running now a days with totally new ideas. LinkedIn can be a real money making machine for anyone who knows only a bit about selling stuff online.

If you don’t know what PLR is then PLR means ‘Private Label Rights’. It’s about selling other people products like your own products in 100% legal way. Few marketers sell products with PLR. Means, they give you the right to sell THEIR product as YOURS. Internet is full of PLR products. There are thousands of websites out there from where you can buy PLR stuff just for pennies. You won’t believe but you can find great PLR products with sales page for just $5 or less.

“I Didn’t Know That LinkedIn

Members Are So Hungry!!”


Seriously, I had no idea that LinkedIn members are so hungry for getting any type of information. In this WSO, you’ll see how I got thousands of hits to my PLR product from LinkedIn only!!

They’re always ready to pay just to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Your work would be just to pickup a nice PLR product (I tell a lot of niches) and just use LinkedIn interface to get traffic to your simple site and make insane cash!

“BUT! Does PLR Really Work?”


Most of the people think that PLR products are not good and they don’t sell at all. This is a good EXCUSE to hide failure. PLR products don’t sell well if you don’t know how to sell them.

In this SUPER GREAT method you’ll see how I sold PLR stuff in an amazing way. I’ll show you how people from LinkedIn jumped on my products like CRAZY which made me $14000 in just 2 weeks.

“OK Steve! How Much Investment Is Required

to Start Working With This Method?”




You need to spend money on the following things which are very cheap and basic:

1. Domain name (I bought .info domain for $2.99)
2. Hosting (costs only $5/month)
3. A PLR product (less than $5 most of the times)
4. Other PLR contents to establish site (available free of cost. If not, then less than $5 most of the times)

So, you can say that this method is not going to cost you more than $20 but the return is awesome !!


“Great! What Would I Learn In This WSO?”



This WSO comes in form of a PDF report which comes with a lot of screenshots. You’ll learn the following things:
1. How to register a domain.
2. How to buy hosting
3. Which PLR product you should buy.
4. How to install WordPress
5. How to create your LinkedIn profile and what to do to get INSANE TRAFFIC from LinkedIn to your website. (I get hundreds of hits every day to my site)
6. How to show yourself as an expert on LinkedIn.
7. How to edit sales page, create PayPal button and accept payments via PayPal


“Will It Work For A Newbie”.



Ofcourse! As I already mentioned, I never did anything like this ever before and I was a ‘newbie’ for this method. If it can work for me then why not for you?

Whatever you don’t know as a newbie is available in this WSO. I’ve explained this method in so much detail and with a lot of screenshots that nothing has left untouched!

You don’t need to have:
- Any SEO skills.
- Any Subscribers List.
- Any Experience
- Any paid software or script.
- Any phone call or email to anyone

“It’s Going To Be The

Most Proven Method
Of Making Money!”.


Yes, it’s the most proven method of making money and ANYONE can make money from this method.

* You won’t have to spend any time and money on SEO.
* You won’t have to spend any time in searching for traffic.
* You won’t have to spend hours in creating your own products and sites.
* You won’t have to appoint any affiliates.

Just pick a PLR product and LinkedIn community will jump on it to pay you big bucks!!


“Copies Are STRICTLY Limited!”

Although, this method is not going to be saturated at all, but I’ve planned to keep the supply of this INSANE CASH method stricly limited! So, I am not going to keep this WSO up for a long time.

May be you plan to buy this report by tomorrow but you wake up only to find that this WSO is sold out!

Only LIMITED copies of this super powerful method are available. So, you should immediately grab your copy!




Originally Posted by John Ruddy View Post
Made my first $100 today! I was trying this method from last week and today I got success.

Yes guys, I got 4 sales @$27 each from LinkedIn.

I am getting around 100-130 visitors a day only from LinkedIn now and I am selling a Twitter video course there (I bought it for just $9 as PLR)

This method really works guys!

thank you super warrior for making it available to all

Originally Posted by simranjeet singh View Post
Congrate me, 1 week = $680.40. This method is working for me!

This WSO was so simple and powerful that I couldn’t stop myself to implement it.

Steve, I am glad that I bought your WSO and it really worked for me.

I don’t have any technical skills but still I was able to make $680.40 in 1 week.
I’ll give only one advice to all the warriors: GO AND BUY, RIGHT NOW!

Thank you everyone.

Originally Posted by Morris4mCA View Post
I’ve been making $200/day REALLY EASY with this method since the day, I bought it. This is the FIRST WSO which worked for me.

YES! I’ve bought several WSOs so far and most of them were crap!

This is the only method of making money which is making me money with total ease! I am using only PLR contents to make money and the product I am selling cost me just $17 (one time). I bought it from a PLR site and now I’m making around $200/day by selling it to LI members, without any problem.

The method is well laid out in a step by step manner and you’ve no excuse to implement it. There’re a lot of screenshots in the pdf which makes everything clear. So, just go ahead guys and buy it immediately. LinkedIn market is so huge and there’s a lot of money to extract.


Originally Posted by Adam X View Post
Seems like quite a simple amazing little system.

This is truly internet marketing for Dummies. Went through it in 10 minutes and if this actually works given what little work is involved, it would be one of the most amazing WSOs on the Warrior Forum.

My only concern is that given how simple and straight forward the technique is, it is likely to get abused.

Originally Posted by uppergrade View Post
Just got my first sale today morning and 2 sales around 30 minutes ago, so thought about writing a review.

With the first sale I made $67.00 and other 2 sales made be $200+ (including upsells).
Should you buy this WSO? Yes, you should immediately!

As everyone is saying that this product is awesome and the support by steve is even better.

After a long time, I’ve seen such a high value WSO. This is the only method amongst all PLR methods which really makes money.


Originally Posted by AffiliateRockstarr View Post
I have been doing something similar to what steve is teaching in this wso.

This works and about the spammers, If they think you are spamming them you just won’t make any money point blank.

I made a little over 25k in 4 weeks with linkedin and it’s because I knew what they want, not putting out junk info.

So please provide value and make sure it’s relevant to the niche you are targeting. To your success!

Originally Posted by lkldigital View Post
OMG Steve! It is so obvious how easy this is to do!. I purchased 20 mins ago, skipped the first few pages as I know the process then got into the ‘meat’ of the instructions.

Sheer brilliance….This has got to be the best 7 bucks I’ve spent in months.

Rating: 10/10 – 100% quality! Thanks for this, It’s pure gold!



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