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WordPress as an Intranet

Intranet in Green

Image by IONclad via Flickr

Do you already thought about using WordPress as your Intranet?

We all know that WordPress is a open source. So, no fees to pay.

We all know that WordPress is easy to use.

We all know that if you use WordPress as your Intranet, your intranet will looks Great.

So, why not using WordPress as an Intranet?
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Newbie Makes $14000 In 2 Weeks With A Simple WordPress Site and Without Own Product.

TOP SECRET Revealed.

Read the Newbie Own Words:

Dear Members, I spent more than 5 days in deciding whether I should disclose this super money making method or not and finally I decided I’ll do it! Not because, I want to make money, but because I want to give to community something back as a return of teaching me new stuff every day.

Although, I am not a newbie in internet marketing, but I never did anything like it ever before so I was a ‘newbie’ for this method. My catching power is also very poor and I take a lot of time in learning things… so I assume that if I can make money with this method then even a KID can do it! Read the rest of this entry

WordPress 3.4 is ready for beta testers!

WordPress 3.4.WordPress 3.4. set for release next May, but for developers and beta testers there is now a beta version (WordPress 3.4 Beta 1) that can you can download here

WordPress is also warning that Theme and plugin authors, should start now following 3.4 development cycle, so can update the themes and plugins to be compatible with WordPress 3.4…. Read the rest of this entry

Want to create your own social network with a WordPress MS?

Pure NetworkDo you use WordPress as your CMS?

Want to build a social network or a community?

There are some good plugins that can change/ transform you wordpress site into a social network.

See the follow article….

Want to create your own social network? 

 Are you familiar with WordPress? From the makers of WordPress comes BuddyPress, a tool that will enable you to make your own social network.

While major social networks offer tremendous reach and millions of users, sometimes that scope can actually be distracting for certain interest groups that have a more narrow focus. BuddyPress is a great solution for groups that want to set up their own social network to concentrate interactions around a shared cause.

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just annoucing the launch of the VIP Featured Partner Program.


This morning we debuted a project that I’m really excited about—our new Featured Partner Program. Our VIP team is now working with select partners to integrate their services with WordPress, connect them with our VIP clients, and collaborate to support the integration and provide a seamless experience for our users.

Each implementation has been reviewed and certified by our VIP team to ensure a well-optimized, secure, and forward-compatible integration with the WordPress platform, and our VIP customers get the benefits of that collaboration.

We’re excited to be working with launch partners Chartbeat, ContextLogic, Daylife, Livefyre, MediaPass, Ooyala, SocialFlow, Uppsite, and Wibiya to provide a range of solutions for publishers, from web analytics to online video delivery to mobile and more.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please get in touch.

Source: clickonf5.orgDo you own a WordPress plugin hosted on WP plugin repository?

If you’re a WordPress plugin developer, you may have received an email from an address other than notifying you that your plugin had been removed. These emails are fake and designed to gather your login information for unknown nefarious reasons.

Emails from the Plugin Repository are always sent from a email address, so if you receive an email from elsewhere claiming official Plugin Repository business, delete it immediately. If you have already fallen victim to this phishing attack, you should change your passwords as soon as possible.


by James on March 27th, 2012


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