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Getting rankings and traffic is the challenge of any one trying to sell online.

Instead of relying on spammy techniques and strategies to get links and rankings and thinking of ways to trick Google, why not play by its own rules and get huge rankings for competitive words?

Is duplicate content an issue?

How does that tie in with Blog Curation / Page Curation?

Well duplicate content does cause problems, but its NOT the appearance of duplicate content, it is the absence of unique content.

Let me repeat that…

It is the absence of unique content that upsets Google.

Your site can contain lots of duplicate content, but as long as a page contains enough unique content Google is happy.

This is approx. 100 words minimum, but ideally over 200 words.

That said, if you have a site which is delivering value, getting tweets, Facebook likes, some natural links, and good user engagement, Google can literally be happy with ONE unique sentence, and a unique title/headline.

You leverage other people’s awesome content which draws people in. It engages them.

And with just a short amount of quick commentary which takes just minutes, you have a high ranking awesome post. Its very efficient, and very profitable

There is a myth that to produce awesome content you need to fire HUGE effort into producing big content pieces.

Well you already know this is not true…

How do you Create quality content?

  • You write it?
  • You copy it?
  • You copy and spin it?
  • Outsource it?

The answer is CURATION

And Google will love your site declare you a niche authority, and flood you with all the free traffic you ever wanted.

Forget everything you know about SEO…

Today I just bought a new “amazing” software that automatically create curated posts.

I don´t believe yet that is true. Awesome tool and time saver that made my day!!!

This New software, lets you Curate unlimited niche authority sites and publish killer content, any time you want, right from your desktop.

This Software works WITH you, not AGAINST you,


Curation Software features:

  • Research all information at your fingers
  • Provides the search results on your desktop, in your editor
  • Post remote to your blog
  • Inserts your affiliate links with one click
  • Just a couple of minutes to create beautiful posts, with images, words and videos
  • Whitehat and google approved
  • Search for written content trough feeds
  • Search over Youtube, Flickr and Twitter
  • PageRank monitoring of your blogs
  • Full WYSIWYG local editor
  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Runs on Mac and PC
  • Supports WordPress Blog Platform


Blog Curation Software Video



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